time line dewit food and beverages

History in a nut shell

In the early seventieth we started trading from an office in Tienmu on the 5th floor of an apartment building. Between the high rise apartment buildings was a wooden log tea house with rice paddies in the back.

From toys to OEM products and truck accessories. In the early eighties I decided to continue with the OEM and truck accessories due to my technical background.

Price increases caused clients to look at low labor cost China, a move which cost them dearly as the quality from China could not match with the products supplied from Taiwan.

I moved back to Holland in 1991

Following years I acted as a “trouble shooter” in a variety of production facilities. Solving problem related areas in manufacturing plants.

Brewery Bavik from Belgium and the private bonded warehouse Torijn in the Netherlands have played an important role to shape the further development of the company we established on Taiwan in 2011.

In the first years we sold container-loads beer from Bavik to 7/11 on Taiwan until the requirements from 7/11 became to burdensome and we decided to move into a different direction. With Torijn we moved container loads of a famous Dutch brand to Singapore and Australia.

Visiting the UK and Scotland breweries which brought me from Harviestoun Brewery, a brewery based in Alva in Clackmannanshire, Scotland to Adnams Brewery in Southwold UK to Meantime Brewery in London.

And participating in the Taipei Food 2012 and show case in Taipei suburbs shopping center.

Taipei Food 2013.